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Triple E program


​At Holland Park High School, we live by the philosophy of Excellence, Enrichment and Extension. We recognise every student is special; we support them as they explore what they are good at, and encourage them to continue to strive for improvement.



Setting goals, taking risks, and learning from past experiences are the building blocks of excellence in both personal and academic endeavours. We encourage our students to focus on continuous improvement, and persistence as they work towards their goals.


Our aim as an educational institution is to enrich our students' lives by offering them not only exceptional academic learning opportunities, but also a wide range of skills that are transferable into all areas of their lives.


As a means to achieve sustainable lifelong learning, we as a school provide students with a support system that enables our student to push the boundaries of learning, so they can continue to extend their knowledge and skills way beyond their grade level.


Explore your possibilities

Our Triple E program was inspired by our students' love of learning. It facilitates the provision of a more challenging educational experience, which also includes the option to participate in external English, Maths and Science Competitions.

Eligibility for the Triple E program is based on student results, which are analysed each semester. We are proud of the flexibility of our programs which means that students can be eligible for one, two or all three of our excellence classes.

Holland Park High's Triple E ethos is not just about academic success. Our Volleyball High-Performance program provides students selected for the development squad with specialised coaching and skill development. We also offer elite gymnasts and other athletes support programs, which enables students to focus on the school's core curriculum with some flexibility to accommodate their intensive training schedules.

Masterclasses in Music and Japanese are further extensions of our Triple E ethos.

Experience Holland Park

At Holland Park High, we aim to provide all students with an opportunity to shine in some aspect of the school's academic, sporting, cultural, and community life. We focus on identifying each student's unique talents and providing them with opportunities to develop to their highest level. We look forward to developing your child's unique abilities in our inclusive and supportive environment.

Each person is special

To cater to our gifted and talented students, we created the Triple E program. Triple E classes are available in English, Maths and Science and offer extension and enrichment to students in Years 8, 9 and 10. Holland Park High School's excellence program is different to that of other schools because of our ability to offer it to all students. We aim to foster high aspiration and realistic ambitions.