Student testimonials

Jan Bercik: Year 11 Beach Volleyball Player from Czech Republic

 It was really a simple decision. My agent gave me a hint that Queensland state schools have the best international program. My priority here is to play volleyball because I am taking this sport seriously and I want to play at the highest-level one day. So we searched for the schools that provide volleyball programs and Holland Park State High School looks very beautiful and appears to be the best choice for me.
Everyone in the school is very kind to me and all of them help me when I need it. The staff from the International department are so supportive that I settled into the school in no time. The education is at a high level of quality, which is an awesome bonus for me. There is nothing like a bully or bad stuff like this. Every student here is respectful and friendly. The teachers are always helpful when I need extra explanations or I just do not understand. Initially, my focus was on volleyball program but the experiences at Holland Park SHS are awesome all round. My team won the senior schools cup and I won the MVP trophy so I am happy and grateful for that.
I am here for more than a month now and my English has improved a lot so I am looking forward to spending another 4 months in this fantastic school and beautiful city. I hope I can improve my speaking skill a lot more. When I go back to Czech I will not hesitate in sharing and spreading this amazing Australian mentality like asking a complete stranger in a shop “how’re you doing?” I love this place for exactly little details like this.

Hanson Fang: Year 8 from Taiwan



Thanks to everyone at Holland Park High School who helped my son, Hanson Fang settle into the school so quickly and comfortable. Since the first day of orientation, Hanson and I can feel your warm welcome that really touched us. It seems that we are one big family and Hanson said he would like to stay here forever.
He was so excited after participating in sport competitions with other schools. I also appreciate that English teachers try to encourage Hanson to complete his assessments, and tests, to reach a higher level. He loves all of the subjects that he would dedicate himself to learning and exploring new experiences here. I can see he really enjoys the school life here. There are so many kindnesses received from Holland Park State High School that words cannot fully express my thanks to the school.
Last reviewed 16 September 2020
Last updated 16 September 2020