Gavin Mackay - High School Teacher

Since graduating in 2007, Gavin Mackay went to Griffith University and completed a Bachelor of Education - Secondary. He taught in Roma for a few years before moving back to the South East and now teachers at Benowa SHS. We caught up with Gavin to see what else he's been up to since graduating and what some of his fondest memories of the school are...  

What have you done since graduating?

 • After graduating I attended Griffith University and undertook a Bachelor of Education: Secondary degree, majoring in Health and Physical Education and History.
• Played volleyball in the Premier Volleyball League of Queensland.• I coached volleyball at HP for 3 years during uni, as well as at Cannon Hill Anglican College.• Upon graduating I accepted a job in Roma (outback QLD) as a secondary teacher. Where I taught HPE to years 4 to 12 and History from 7 to 12.• I spent 4 years in Roma, very much enjoying the country experience.    

What do you do for a living now?

 • I am still a teacher – this is now my 6th year, I am working at Benowa State High school on the Gold Coast.
• I run the boys volleyball program at Benowa High School and am also the South Coast U15 girls volleyball coach.  

Do you think your time at Holland Park helped you to pursue this?

The teachers I had a HP were fantastic. They instilled excellent values in all students and truly respected everyone. This has helped me become the teacher that I am today. HP also introduced me to Volleyball, this has become the driving force behind my teaching and coaching. Wanting to see more students excel in the sport. Without HP I probably would have found a different sport and been on a different course in life.    

Did you enjoy your time at Holland Park SHS?

I had a fantastic time at high school. The memories of events and people I have are excellent. It really helped me decide to become a teacher because of my experience.  

Who was your favourite teacher?  

 I have two:1: Richard James – he was my HPE and SOSE teacher through 7-10 as well as my volleyball coach. I had more contact with Richard outside of school through volleyball. His advice on school, volleyball and life has been highly influential. 2: KL Ross – KL was my senior HPE teacher. She is someone who has an abundance of knowledge in a multitude of areas. She introduced us how to play Touch Football properly and was someone who was humble and modest about what she was capable of. I have been fortunate enough to travel for HP volleyball with KL which, in my eyes, get to see teachers as people, not just teachers.Both Richard and KL have been highly influential in the person and teacher I have become. And I am most grateful for that. 

Are you still friends with anybody you met at Holland Park?

 Social media has made it easy to keep in contact with most people I went to high school with. However, I do not get to see many of the friends I made at HP often, but they are the kind of people who, when you bump into them are happy to talk for hours. 

Do you feel that Holland Park has changed much since you graduated?  

 The teachers who I still get to see through volleyball are very much the same, and the students they have with them still carry themselves with respect. They are fantastic to see around volleyball tournaments. 
Last reviewed 25 March 2020
Last updated 25 March 2020